Faith During Trials

Welcome to Faith, Farm & Family Table!!

First let me say thank you to all my readers who stuck around during my blogging hiatus. I am slowly working my way back into a routine (and having faith during trials) after dealing with some crazy things in my life.

About two months ago my computer had some major problems, then one thing after another, things went array.  As the saying goes, “when it rains it pours” ….. and it poured!!!

Before the computer crash, I believed I was doing what God had called me to do with my blog. I was enjoying the time I spent writing and sharing. I felt I was making a positive difference in some people’s lives.

In fact, the week I had computer problems, I was nominated for a Bloggers Award and some of my posts had been featured on other websites. I felt accomplished and full of joy.

Unfortunately, all the stress with my computer caused me to question whether I should continue my blog. What if this happens again? Maybe I’m NOT making a difference? Maybe there is something else I should be doing with my time?

As I contemplated whether I should continue with my writing, this scripture came to my heart.

John 10:10 The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Then it dawned on me!!

Through my blog, I was working for the Kingdom of God, connecting with other Christians, sharing God’s word and sharing how He has worked in my life. I was making a difference. What does the enemy do when he feels threatened by our good works? He tries to steal our peace, causing us to question our purpose. He tries to do ANY thing that will take our minds off Jesus Christ.

Some stressful situations were presented into my life and the enemy just swooped right in whispering negativity into my life. One day I was blogging and believing God for amazing things. The next day I was worried about all the “what if’s” and filled with doubts. I had slipped away from trusting God and having faith during trials.

So today I took a serious look at my life – my crazy, blessed, chaotic life. I decided that I was NOT going to let the enemy steal my peace (or my blog!).

This is where I was two days ago. The temperature was 110 degrees. I sat on the patio and enjoyed this lovely view while I had my morning coffee. The baby quail feeding on berries, the hummingbirds sipping sugar-water, the baby bunnies bouncing in the rocks.


This is where I am today. The temperature is 45 degrees. My jacket is in our condo 3 hours away and I don’t have any of my winter cloths here. BUT, I have a pot of coffee, a thick bathrobe and a new pair of warm slippers.


And this is where I will be sometime next year (maybe).

Front yard

Garden Area2

Our cute little farm-house and garden. This is where I will grow fresh food for my family (hence, the reason for Faith, FARM, Family Table), breath in fresh air,  and watch wildlife passing through our yard.

Do you ever those days when you are “here” one minute, “there” the next, and then not sure where you will be tomorrow?

This is my life today! But through it all, I’ve been reminded of a few things.

God is faithful. He has brought me out of hundreds of trials in my life time with His unfailing love. Some of them HUGE. If He could pick me up out of drug addiction (over 10 years now!) and mend my life, surely He can handle anything.

When life becomes overwhelming,  all I need to do is stay connected with God. Regularly (daily, hourly, sometimes minute-by-minute) fill my spirit with the word of God. When the enemy comes to steal my peace, I need to stand strong with God and keep my faith. Turn off the computer, television, and phone. Open my bible and read, pray, then trust God has it all worked out.

He is my rock, my peace and  my wisdom.

The bible says God is strength in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9) and peace in my confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). He is the helper and upholder of my life (Psalm 54:4) and the provider of ALL my needs (Philippians 4:19).

God IS amazing!

How do you stay connected with God when life throws all its challenges your way?

22 thoughts on “Faith During Trials

    • Yes Jonathan, sort of a reminder to myself when I write about it.. God has been so faithful in my life and he is always my Strong Tower! (by the way, I love the name of your blog).


  1. Such a beautiful FAITH post. I’m encouraged just reading it. I’m excited to read about your farming, too. To keep connected with God, I break down the nuances of “what’s wrong.” and take each little part to God. Often I can see my way to solving (or enduring) the trial.


    • Pamela thank you for sharing. I have prayed and prayed but I don’t think I have ever broken down the nuances before. I love the idea of taking each part to God and letting Him fix it. Quite often we are only missing a little piece right? But when God is the center all the pieces fall together. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. When I am feeling overwhelmed by life and believing things will not get better, I read the bible, listen to Christian music, recite scriptures I have memorized, or listen to a sermon. On a really bad day I do all of them. Loved this wonderful post!


  3. God is faithful!

    I hear you on the blogging questions, it’s amazing sly the enemy is, even with our writing and sharing on the web.

    Continue to hold on to the True Rock, He seems to have quite a plan for you.



  4. Great post! I’m brand new to your blog but look forward to getting to know you 🙂 Looking back on 2015 as a whole, it has definitely been the “worst” year of my life from a human aspect as I lost my stepmom to Ovarian Cancer in February. She was only 46 but had been in my life since I was 8 years old. I plan to expand on all of that a lot in good time as writing has always been a huge source of therapy for me just not ready to spill everything just yet. When life involves hard times, I listen to my favorite uplifting music that is rooted in Biblical truths. Some of the songs that really got me through this time were “He Knows” by Jeremy Camp and “God is With Us” by Love and the Outcome.


    • Thank you Ashley. I’m sorry to hear about your difficult year and the passing of your stepmom. What a blessing she was able to grow up with you. I look forward to reading your stuff – writing is very healing for me as well. Awwww MUSIC, one of my favorite ways to connect. “It is Well” gets my soul every time…


    • YES so true!! He didn’t leave me at all. I did become disconnected though because my prayer life and really spending time with God decreased. SO important to stay connected 🙂


  5. First of all welcome back!! I have missed having your wonderful messages come to me. Now, how do I stay connected to God during life’s challenges? Well I talk with Him, when I say talk I mean actual out loud conversations like I have with my husband. I always start my conversations by thanking Him for all the wonderful things He has bestowed upon me and go from there with whatever is on my mind.

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