To Be A Witness For Christ Or Not

“To be a witness for Christ or not” is a question that many of us Christians ponder. We’re placed in situations where we see someone struggling and we just “know that we know” Jesus is the answer, yet something holds us back from speaking God into someone’s life.

We don’t want to feel judged for talking about God to someone who might not believe. We worry that someone will be confrontational and we’ll end up in a debate situation defending our faith. We don’t have time.  These are just some of the reasons I’ve played in my mind.

This happened to me yesterday as I was getting my teeth cleaned. The hygienist began telling me of her life challenges. Her mother had fallen and broke her neck leaving her with irreparable brain damage. She fell in love with a man that had severe mental issues and was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown. She went on to tell me how she loved her lost boyfriend but also hated him, how she missed him but couldn’t stand certain aspects of him.

I began thinking about my life and how I had experienced similar difficulties, yet made it through all of them with the power of prayer. Then I felt a tug on my heart from God, telling me to minister to her and tell my story.

Have you ever felt that nudge to be a witness for God,  but then felt awkward because the timing or situation didn’t seem right? ….. That was me!!! …. I had JUST met this gal, had no idea if she was a Christian, AND she had sharp metal tools in my mouth!!

Despite my reservations, I kept getting that nudge from God and I wanted to be faithful.

I began to tell my hygienist how God has a plan for each of us.   I acknowledged her sorrow and explained that God would introduce her to a wonderful man, in His timing.

Then I shared about my period of loneliness and how I finally met my husband. It wasn’t through a friend, a chance meeting in the grocery store, or by “trying” to find one. It was through a specific  prayer, long waiting, and trusting that God was orchestrating a perfect plan.

For TWO long years I prayed this prayer:

“Heavenly Father, you know my heart and you know I am lonely. I know I’m not ready for a healthy relationship right now, but God I am asking you to help me BE ready. Prepare my mind and heart. And prepare the mind and heart of the man you have waiting for me. God I trust Your will in my life and if I have to be lonely for a longer period, I will wait because I know your plan is perfect………….”

Long story short, my prayer was finally answered and God brought me a man that was exactly what I prayed for. It didn’t happen over night though. I prayed and waited. I cried. Sometimes I felt hopeless. But the more I leaned on God for the things I needed (companionship, guidance, wisdom), the more healthy I became. I learned patience. I learned to trust in God’s almighty plan.  And I learned to love myself.

I was telling her this story because I wanted her to know that God would bring just the right man into her life when she was “ready” ……. and that maybe her plans didn’t work out because God had a better, more divine plan for her life. I suggested she pray for guidance, for truth and understanding, and then trust God to do the rest.

My decision to minister to her was confirmed as the right decision when she looked at me and said, “you know, that is exactly what my mom told me before her brain injury”. She told me that her mother could no longer carry on conversations like that with her and my words (from God) were just what she needed to hear. With a tear in her eye, she thanked me and then gave me a hug.

To be a witness for Christ or not?  Absolutely!!

God will put us in situations to minister to people, to be the answer to someone’s prayer, to speak words of love/faith/compassion to someone hurting. All we need to do is have a willing heart to be God’s vessel.

We need to press beyond those thoughts  telling us the timing isn’t right or those fears telling us we will be judged. People are hurting and we may be the only person in someone’s life to speak Godly wisdom.

(I wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed, to be a witness for Christ because I was afraid of what someone might think?)

Psalm 96:3 Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!

Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Please comment below how you’ve been able to witness to the people around you (I would LOVE to hear your stories!)

23 thoughts on “To Be A Witness For Christ Or Not

  1. What a beautiful post and timely reminder. All we can do is point people in the direction of Jesus. Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. Nobody comes to God except through Him.

    It’s not about works. It’s not about what we do. We can’t earn God’s love. It’s all about Jesus and what He has done.

    I like this quote from Jefferson Bethke

    “Now back to the point—one thing is vital to mention
    How Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums
    See, one’s the work of God, but one’s a man-made invention
    See, one is the cure, but the other’s the infection
    See, because religion says “do”; Jesus says “done”
    Religion says “slave”; Jesus says “son”
    Religion puts you in bondage, while Jesus sets you free
    Religion makes you blind, but Jesus makes you see
    And that’s why religion and Jesus are two different clans”


    • That is a LOVELY quote Jonathan …. I love to share with others, but I love just as much when people minister to me. It warms my heart and I feel as though God is talking to me “through” those who minister 🙂


  2. What a great testimony of the blessing we give and receive when we step out in courage to share the love of Christ through the lenses of our own life’s journey!


    • Thank you Cathy – sometimes it’s hard to put our hearts on our sleeves and take a chance, but I believe God lets us go through things so we are able to share those experiences with someone else who might be hurting.


  3. We all have different faiths. Raised to believe what our parents believe. I was raised Catholic, compared to some faiths I think it is quite sedate, and I believe because of this some of the young people have left the church. They believe in God but dont really know how to connect with Him, as children we weren’t really involved in much other than catechism in preparation for first communion and confirmation. I still feel very comfortable with my faith but envy some of the other faiths for their complete involvement. I think the only witness for Christ I have been involved in was explaining my faith to some who didn’t understand it. I know many faiths believe we worship statues instead of God and I was able to explain that the statues we display are not for worshipping but for paying homage, much the same way we pay homage to those we love by putting up pictures of them for everyone to see. I have known many people in my life who have said my religion is the wrong religion and their’s the right religion but I firmly believe God just wants his children to believe in Him and is happy with whatever method we use. I remember my former late mother-in-law telling me one time she prayed for me every day because she just knew I was going to hell because I was Catholic. I thanked her for her prayers.


    • Awww so sorry to hear that someone condemned you in such a way. I’m sure God was using you in a special way to minister the truth about idols. When I was first baptized I had these carvings on my walls and a sweet Christian gal I knew explained that they were “idols” and a doorway for the enemy to get into my home. I know that sounds a bit radical but I felt like God was talking to me (through her) and immediately took them down. (Not 100% but I think it’s Jeremiah that talks about idols.


  4. I think that even when we don’t come across as well as we think we should, or we don’t say all that’s on our hearts, God is still using us to minister and speak truth in situations. Even a tiny seed is a seed that could become something huge.


    • Absolutely Kim – In this crazy world, it’s hard to stand out as a Christian so my prayer (for myself and others) is that we can press past the discomfort and share with everyone.


  5. I believe when God nudges us to witness we shouldn’t ignore it. He is trying to get us to share our testimony with that person for one reason or another. Somehow I feel like it has been easier to do this with strangers rather than with friends. That is were I personally hesitate. Thank you for sharing this.


    • She said her mother told her the same thing before her brain injury and she gave me a hug (thanked me). It was a very powerful moment. It was confirmation that it was a total God thing 🙂


  6. My last witnessing attempt did not go over quite so well. I was at an airport and the man next to me started asking me about our flight, then he started chatting with my friend and I. When I told him I was a writer, he asked what I write. I had that moment of hesitation before telling him “I write teen Christian fiction.” He all but laughed. He told me that “Christian fiction” seemed like an oxymoron, and asked me all sorts of questions. I was cringing inside, but I kept a smile on and did my best to answer. It was difficult, but I’m still not sorry I did it.


    • What a great learning experience!! You were able to keep your composure in the midst of a difficult situation. That in itself is a wonderful witness.. And, you may have been the one to plant a seed that no one had ever planted before 🙂 God guides our every foot step and you were there for a reason! Thanks for sharing.


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